This is a small calendar tool that can send any mouse-clicked date to the clipboard for pasting in your WORD files, mails or other applications. We almost always need to write down dates when we arrange an appointment or a date with our colleagues or friends. If you need a calendar for date copying and pasting, this program is for you.

Update info: ver 1.0.2 (2002/10/05)
* Now the program is the installer.
* Appearance is improved.
* Now copied dates are shown in the system language, be it Chinese or Russian or else.
* By minimizing, it will go into the system tray.

Some improvements (2002/11/20)
* Click on the task tray icon toggles to show/hide the calendar.
* The year calendar can be displayed in the smaller screens, such as 640 x 480.
* Shutdown procedure will not be suspended anymore.

Developed by Cyclic-PC Systems:


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